O General Split Air Conditioners Price List


O general Split Air Conditioner built with a rotary compressor has high energy efficiency in ratios. It come auto controllable room temperature with more filter indicators and sleeps mode option embedded. Power saver with digital temperature control and remote features are good. O general Split air conditioner available 2.0 Ton capacity. O general Split AC price in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Madurai, Cochin, Noida and Pune are nearly equal including tax..

O General Split AC Price
O General Stealth AWG36A Split acRs.84,990
O General ASG9A Split acRs.26,990
O General ASG12A Split acRs.31,990
O General ASG18A Split acRs.42,990
O General ASG24A Split acRs.48,990
O General ASG30A Split acRs.62,990
O General Stealth AWG24A Split acRs.49,990
O General Stealth AWG18A Split acRs.44,990
O General AUG18A/R Split acRs.64,000
O General AUG25A/R Split acRs.75,500
O General AUG30A/R Split acRs.1,02,000
O General AUG36A/R Split acRs.1,22,500
O General AUG45A Split acRs.1,30,000
O General AUG54A/R Split acRs.1,42,000
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